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What People Are Saying About Mike

We aligned with Mike initially to run The King's Council Podcast with Rylee Meek. Without a clear direction of what to do, Mike helped us dial in branding and messaging to engage our community and ultimately grow the membership of our program. In an effort to create continuity with our branding, we made adjustments to our youtube channel and experienced tremendous growth, as well as my personal brand and website. Because of this we even started a second show to support our members and strategically use them for future growth.

Rylee Meek

Founder Kings Council Coaching and Social Dynamic Selling

I have been incredibly impressed by Mike and the team he has put together at Live Your Truth Media. In just a few months working together, they have made a huge impact on my business, including social media engagement, overall brand image, launch of a podcast, a reimagined newsletter and — most importantly — increased revenues. Above all, I trust Mike to care deeply about my business goals, support me as an entrepreneur and find the right person for each unique project. I couldn’t be happier with LYT and look forward
to working with them for a long time!

Lindsey Pollak

NYT Best Selling Author and Keynote Speaker

Mike is a great support system- especially for new podcasters! He helped me refine my concept, create quality recordings, build out a schedule and use analytics to improve. Mike is a life coach, podcast coach & professional producer all in one. You will not find this type of talent all wrapped up in one elsewhere. This is a MUCH different experience than working with one-off outsourced editors. Working with Mike will get your creative juices flowing— he’s always down to help you figure out how to tell the story (and that’s really what this is all about, right?). Highly recommend Live Your Truth. The name of the company says it all.

Nicole Rose

Mindset Coach, Podcast Host,Contestant on HBO’s The Big Shot with Bethany Frankel

Mike is a friend who has provided me support and counseling for my overall outlook on life and my life in particular.  He has given me a perspective on my personal journey of self-healing and self-worth and has given me insight into the tools and people who could help me. Mike is someone I can always count on!



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