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The Difference Between Doubt and Trust

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Doubt is needing people to prove themselves to you.

Trust is believing in people.

Doubt is expecting God to give you an explanation of why your life is the way it is.

Trust is believing God has put you on a more significant path.

Doubt is needing a proven plan before scaling your business.

Trust is believing it will grow no matter what you do.

We gravitate towards one more than the other. There is no medium in this argument.

You either trust, or you don't.

You either believe, or you don't.

And there is no right or wrong with doubt vs. trust.

Instead, it's the impact of one or the other on your life. You can't doubt and trust at the same time.

Why We Need Doubt

We need doubt to face and overcome fears. Doubt puts us in a defensive position to help us battle anxiety and become more productive.

Being in this defensive position, doubt lowers our expectations, and our focus starts to work on the worst-case scenarios.

This prepares for any outcome.

Think of doubt as a safety valve. You have done your due diligence on a business deal. You have researched every article you could on buying that new Land Rover you want.

Yet, after all your research, something still feels off. You're not sure what it is, but you know something doesn't feel right.

That's doubt coming into save the day. Doubt is your intuition telling you that you may not be making the best decision for yourself. While information is vital to have, it is intuition that makes or breaks decisions for us.

Utilizing doubt in your decision-making will increase the success rate you have.

Why We Need Trust

Trust is all about confidence. It promotes it. Trust creates a level of safety for us. It allows us to connect to people on a personal level.

Trust is one of the foundational traits in healthy relationships. It encourages fast decision-making in business and facilitates positivity.

We believe things will work in our favor in the energy of trust. We have a sense of optimism and positivity in the energy of trust.

Trust also improves our communication with people. We are more open to receiving what is being said without judgment and, in return, share more of ourselves.

How to Move From Doubt to Trust

While there are times when doubt serves us well, there are times when doubt overpowers us and makes us skeptical of the world.

Doubt can negatively impact not only our worldview but how we see ourselves.

When in too much doubt, we tend to think that we are not worthy of anything meaningful to be ours.

A series of unfortunate events in our past has led us only to believe we are destined for mediocrity.

We don't give ourselves hope for a better future, no matter how hard we work.

To move from doubt to trust requires letting go. It requires a level of surrender from the defensiveness of our doubt, and giving into that trust will lead us to the result we desire.

Let's take the example of a workout plan.

You've been on a workout plan for four weeks. You did your research. You changed your diet. You worked on your nutrition plan with a trainer.

You have been going to the gym consistently.

Four weeks in, you haven't seen the results you have been hoping for. What would come up for you or anyone in this situation would be doubted?

You're thinking the program is not working. You did everything accordingly. You start to beat yourself up because you feel like you made the wrong decision even after you did all your research.

But what if the program by design takes longer than you would like?

What if you cannot see the results until five weeks in, ten weeks in, or even fifteen weeks?

What if you didn't know when the results would come but knew it was inevitable?

Would you still do the program?

Here's my take on this hypothetical situation.

I'm more of a long-term guy.

I don't play the game of business and entrepreneurship for short-term gains. I play the game because I enjoy it, and it feeds my life.

I approach this in my workouts as well.

Not because I don't focus on results.

Instead, I focus on the journey. I believe the journey is where real progress is made. I trust that the journey will teach me more than ever.

If I get frustrated with something not producing results in my workouts, I let go of my expectations and focus on adjustments.

I move from the doubt that this isn't working to the trust that I will learn something more significant that will provide me with better results.

Again, this is a general philosophy for how I approach my fitness.

When it comes to business, I tend to be more trusting than doubtful due to the belief I have in myself that I will learn what I need to know when the time is right.

It's a balance for me. I trust too much means that I haven't done my due diligence. Doubting too much means resisting the idea that it'll work out to my benefit.

For you, it could mean the opposite.

If you wish to be more trusting in your life, you must believe in your ability to make the best decisions for you.

You must trust that you did everything possible to find out what made you feel good about your decision.

Because that's what trust is. Believing it will work out for us.

Here are a couple of ways you can move into trust:

1. Ask your intuition if you are giving yourself a chance to live your dream life

2. Be willing to give more to receive more

3. Make trust a priority in your life

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