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Go See Your Parents

Tomorrow is my 37th birthday. And I decided to head out on the road with my dad driving from Las Vegas to Florida.

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There is something spiritual and powerful about a road trip. A good road trip can help you solve the most complex problems. It can lead you to explore the deepest parts of yourself and create memories that will last a lifetime.

It also can help you get to know someone much deeper. Like your parents.

For those of you who do not know, I love traveling. Not being able to be overseas this year like I have for the last 4 years has been a thorn in my side. But this year has been quite different for everyone. The world has changed forever. And we have had to change with it.

For me, that means while I cannot go overseas to Asia like I had planned or venture into the far recesses of Italian cuisine and late-night Barcelona street food, I found another opportunity in the midst of all this uncertainty.

A road trip with my dad.

So for my 37th birthday, we decided to drive cross country in a sprinter van to Florida. Not only do I get my fill of travel, but I also get a chance to know my dad on a deeper level than I already do.

And I believe fully that quests involving self-discovery and transformative experiences can only be accomplished with an immense amount of peanut butter MMs, a playlist filled with 90’s grunge rock, and an insatiable curiosity to know what our parents were like when we just a twinkle in their eyes.

I have to admit, I initially thought being in a car with my dad would be filled with thoughts on the stock market, disagreement of politics, and why didn’t I try harder during Little League baseball when I was 9.

But we have not talked about my short-lived Little League career.

The stock market rally conversations turned more into philosophical conversations about life and faith.

The disagreement in politics…well I think we all have had enough of politics for a lifetime given this year, so I’ll spare you the trouble of what has transpired.

We’re halfway through our journey, and it has been a ride that I never expected. It has allowed me to see more of who my father is. It’s made me feel that I am making up for lost time with him.

The times where I have been angry and mad at him in my younger days are slowly fading.

And I realized on this road trip that these moments I have him with now, riding in a sprinter van to Florida, discussing life, love, and if it was humanly possible to consume a 72 oz steak in one sitting at a restaurant in Amarillo, is what will make this birthday more special than others.

For those of you who do not know, I am not big on social media but decided at the encouragement of some close friends to document this trip.

You can follow me on Instagram @_mikeliguori if you would like to see what I am sharing.

Stay safe. Be well. And go see your parents.