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Older Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

My friend, It has been a while, and I thought I would share with you what’s going on in my world.

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My friend,

It has been a while, and I thought I would share with you what’s going on in my world.

And of course, I want to know what’s going on in yours.

So, where shall I begin?

Well, I am in an exciting season of life. I am growing and doing a lot of work on myself that is required to share this incredible book that is coming out now in 2 WEEKS!

I chose to do this self-work because my vision for this book is to help every person know that they can heal their past not just with themselves but with their parents or those who raised them.

And for me to serve more, I must step into a new version of myself.

What does that mean, you might be thinking?

Well, anytime we do work on ourselves or go through a season of life that requires it, the old patterns that no longer serve us and we are so focused on killing off make it known to us that they are not leaving without a fight.

The more we work on ourselves, the more the patterns say…

“Not so fast, my friend. We’re not going away that easy.”

And that’s where I am—fighting the old to make space for the new. I am in a battle with the indecision and self-doubt of my youth. They are letting me know it’s not going to be easy to get rid of them.

And they’re right. It’s not.

And that’s why I am choosing to learn about these old patterns, where they come from, and why they won’t go away.

So far, I have learned what fuels them. What makes them strong and what makes them weak.

And I am so happy I am in this space right now. It’s exciting to learn about myself more than I ever have.

I have learned that friction in our lives is required for growth in life.

We all need this friction and resistance to step to the next level.

We need to battle the old and make space for the new.

And so my friend, I want to check in on you.

Are you battling?

Are you in a season of growth and change?

How can I be there for you so we can grow together?

Please reply to this email and let me know.


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