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Seriously, Mike...Another Newsletter?

I am exploring something that has been on my mind for quite sometime centered around this theory I have that we are all creative in different ways.

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Yes, dear friend. It is another newsletter.

But this time it’s different. Much different than the ones you’re getting in your inbox.

I am exploring something that has been on my mind for quite sometime centered around this theory I have that we are all creative in different ways.

Some of us think we’re math people and numbers are our jam. That may be true.

Some of us think that we’re planners, problem solvers, strategists and we don’t know the first thing about creativity. That may be true, too.

Most of us think we are not at all creative.

We think creativity is reserved for the artists, the bohemian crowd spraypainting colorful graffiti on city walls.

The DJ making albums in the studio for our pleasure to get us through the long workday.

We relate creativity to art, drawing, and music. The fun stuff. The stuff that people are drawn to. Not the planning, the numbers, the process.

Well, I don’t believe that to be true.

I think we are all creative in some form or another. And I think we all have the ability to develop creativity in many disciplines.

While not all of us can be Banksy or Basquiat, we can be creative just like them.

Writer’s Paralysis has developed and kept me from being consistent. I didn’t know what I wanted to share.

I tried to copy some popular newsletters and I felt bad about trying to be like them.

I attempted to share lifehacks and tricks to make people more productive and high performing.

God, what the hell was I thinking trying to be that guy? There are people much better than me with that type of content.

And this is what I settled on over the last year. I don’t need to be those people. I just need to be me.

And being me is exploring these types of questions.

How do people come up with stories?

What separates a good movie from a great movie?

What makes people cry when a character dies in a horror film?

Why do some songs give goosebumps and move people to run faster, work harder, etc.,?

What questions and thoughts go into developing a character people love?

What makes a good idea great?

How can I share the creative process and make this more digestible for people?

Is there a way I can inspire people to write the book they have always wanted to pen?

What can I bring of value to help people bring the creativity we all possess to life?

These are the questions that led me to reignite my newsletter again.

I won’t be blowing up your inbox. You already get enough emails as it is.

My hope is that when I do send something, it’ll drive you to pen your thoughts.

Maybe in journal form.

Maybe in podcasting.

Maybe just for you to share with your kids or grandkids someday so they know how much of a badass you are.

Whatever it is, I want to help you document and create.

Selfishly, it’ll give me something to look forward to in sharing with you what I find. It’ll push me to scour the internet, read books that have been sitting on my shelf collecting dust. It’ll make me go deeper into listening to albums, study podcast interviews, read more novels, and share what I think (sounds like high school English only with less Shakespeare.)

Where I end up going on this journey, I have no idea. But what fun would that be if I knew where I was headed?

Plus, it’ll help me continue to become better at writing and thinking. Two things I love doing.

If you want to know what I find out, subscribe to my list below.

I hope you’ll join me on this new journey. Thanks for being here.