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Twenty Years All for Nothing?

This has been quite the question floating around the social media world regarding the current Afghanistan crisis.

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This has been quite the question floating around the social media world regarding the current Afghanistan crisis. And recently, it has been on my mind, and I wanted to create space for it to share with you all if y

As some of you know, I served in the 9/11 wars, doing two tours of duty in Iraq. 15 months in a war zone with other men and women who believed we were giving liberation and freedom to millions of people.

The right to vote. The right to go where they choose.

I tried hard to avoid watching the footage from Afghanistan, the Taliban in a week undoing everything the military had worked hard for to give freedom to the country.

It’s heartbreaking. The footage is horrifying. The struggle to find any room possible on a US cargo plane.

A friend of mine who is from Afghanistan has mentioned to me that her family cannot leave. She is praying every day they do not die. She said just when the country was going to turn for the better, everything is now undone.

My friends fought over there, lost some of their friends in combat. They are in shock, grieving, attempting to do everything possible not to think their boots on the ground were all for nothing.

One of my friends mentioned to me that after 20 years of thinking they were doing something right, they couldn’t help to think that all the work, all the fighting, losing their friends was for nothing.

20 years of sacrifice for nothing.

Imagine how that feels not just for the Afghan people but for those that fought on behalf of them.

All that work, the lives lost, the resources all undone in a week.

Sadly, there is nothing we can do to change course. What’s done has been done.

Sure we could go back and start over, but I cannot fathom another war being started.

Not after 20 years. Not after the way it went down.

I woke up on Tuesday morning asking myself the following:

How do I handle something like this?

How do I support my friends who served?

How about my friends from Afghanistan who are watching their country unravel?

How am I going to live now?

I don’t have clear-cut answers to it now. I wish I did.

I’m sure when it comes to me, I’ll share it with all of you.

The immediate thing to do is listen and be there for those impacted by their service in Afghanistan. Listen to those from Afghanistan and/or who have family there watching their country fall into despair. Listen to those who served in Afghanistan and acknowledge them that they are seen and heard by you.

They need us more than ever. They need you more than ever.

If any of you have been impacted by these events, please email me. I would love to be there for you any way I can.

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