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What is Possible for You?

Much of the writing I have done over the years has focused on helping people. I’ve covered an array.

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Much of the writing I have done over the years has focused on helping people.

I’ve covered an array of topics shared personal stories and anecdotes with you in hopes you have found something helpful and impactful to apply to your own life.

When it boils down to it, the topic of my writing  and work is purely this:


Anything you choose to do, create, be, comes from the lens of possibility. Your reality comes from your perception, and your truth about you and the world comes from your past.

Our past creates a present that we wonder why things are not happening the way we wish.

It’s an interesting paradox. For example, and this does not apply to all but to most,

We want a deep-rooted love and acceptance from a partner, yet we continue to date those who do not show us what we desire.

We wish to be rich, yet we are afraid to invest due to market conditions or believe we don’t have enough.

We desire to be free and work for ourselves doing what we love, yet we sit behind the desk at a job that ties us down.

These are some of the surrounding paradoxes I feel empowered to take on and change the narrative for the world.


Well, because I went through every single one of them in my 38 years here on the planet.

I wished and hoped for everything yet always found some story, idea, or excuse to keep me from reaching a new level.

It was a vicious cycle, and part of my journey has been this constant contention. There are days I have it completely wrangled. And then there are days where it has its grip over me.

I have been able to move through it much quicker than in years past, but the challenge remains not to let my limiting beliefs of what I wish to achieve come together.

I remind myself during these times of contention and battling old patterns.

What is possible for you?

When I ask myself this question, I find my mood and emotions change. I find creativity and visualize that anything I want is possible, and I do not have to get in my way to achieve what I desire.

What would happen if you started asking yourself this question in periods of your frustration?

I would love it if you shared with me what comes up for you by replying to this email or leaving a comment.