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Why Clarity is The Key to Living an Extraordinary Life

Clarity is necessary for us to live a compelling and extraordinary life. Without it, we're a ship lost in the open seas.

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As I was writing this article, I started cracking up. Not because clarity is funny by any means. Actually quite the contrary.

Clarity is serious and a pain for a lot of people.

I was laughing because I have been diving deep into my why and mission.

For the last several months, I made the commitment to myself to be more active on social media and writing.

I despised social media for the longest time. All I ever saw on filled with was toxic commenting, endless scrolling, ads drowning out every piece of content that I wanted to consume.

The utility of social media was lost in my eyes.

That was until I recognized that it wasn't social media that was the problem.

It was me not knowing what I was looking for. I didn't have clarity on the goals in my life and the mission I wanted to have.

So I endlessly scrolled. I consumed. I pawned off many pieces of content from highly successful people as a solution to my own problem.

"Well, Tony Robbins jumps in a cold plunge every morning and he's successful. Maybe that will help me be successful as well."

"Gary Vaynerchuk says I have to post my content everywhere and he has millions of followers so I'll do that and get an audience like him."

Now, this is not saying those things do not work. They do have benefits when it comes to physical health and personal branding.

But I did those things out of a lack of clarity, not to enhance my work.

That’s how I believe many of us are operating.

We;re consuming more than creating. It's the world we live in now.

While I do believe there is a healthy way to consume content, we're too busy searching for an answer to solve our worries and troubles.

We’re copying everyone else to achieve success. We’re hoping their blueprint gives us clarity in our lives.

But doing what Tony Robbins does will not guarantee that you will have the same results.

A cold plunge routine does not correlate to monetary success.

Doing an ice bath doesn’t mean you’re going to magically get the downloads you desire to find the meaning of life.


When you have clarity, a cold plunge will give you the physical energy to work more on your mission and work.

An ice bath becomes an enhancer, not the answer.

Why Clarity is Necessary

Clarity is necessary for us to live a compelling and extraordinary life.

Without it, we're a ship lost in the open seas. We have no guidance on what to do next in our life, our work, and our relationships.

Clarity is the compass. It is the reason we get up in the morning and go to work. It's the reason we continue to work on our businesses and perform.

Clarity is why you go to the gym. It's why you choose healthy meals over junk food.

Clarity creates your relationships. And relationships is the basis of everything you do.

How to Gain Clarity If You Don't Have Any

Clarity is not a personality trait. Clarity is not a God-given talent or supernatural gift.

It is something that takes work and effort to do.

Clarity is cultivated through 2 things:

1. Questions

2. Experiences


Clarity comes from asking yourself questions. And not any type of questions.

Questions that will make you think, will make you reflect on your current actions.

You cannot ask yourself surface level questions and expect to get deeply profound answers.

That is not going to work.

You have to go deep with your questions to get clarity. You have to make yourself uncomfortable.

When you go deep within yourself, you will find the answer. You will know exactly what the answer is because the answer reveals something to you about you that doesn't sit well.

The answer will emotionally pull at you. It will be uncomfortable saying it out loud.

It will make you feel uneasy. But that's what you want when seeking clarity.

It means you're getting closer.


Clarity comes from experiences, especially new ones. You have to be willing to put yourself out there whether it's starting your business, a side gig, or taking a class.

It's about figuring out what works for you.

Within the questions and the experiences you have, you will gain alignment.

Alignment is where our thoughts, feelings, and actions connect to our core values.

Without alignment, you'll continue to walk aimlessly through life seeking meaning and purpose without it.

You'll feel stuck. When you feel stuck, it's generally due to lack of growth or movement in your lives. You're not progressing forward. You're doing the same shit every single day with little to show for it.

To get unstuck means getting uncomfortable. It means switching it up, changing the way you do things. It can be as little as going to the gym at a different time to taking a different route to work.

It can be as big as launching a new product or training for a marathon.

We have to seek out experiences to get the clarity we need.

Not all experiences will be positive for us. This is important to remember.

There will be experiences that turn negative for us. There is no way to prevent this. It is part of the journey of life.

The important thing to remember is that every no leads you closer to a yes.

As a mentor once told me,

"It is just as important for you to find out what you don't want as it is to find out what you do want."

Taking Action

The difference between people who have clarity and the people that don't comes down to taking action.

Those who live in uncertainty are the same people that are living in indecision to go figure out what they're meant to do.

The person that has clarity knows exactly what they want and why they want because they took action to find out. They asked questions. They sought out new experiences. They took chances.

They knew that if they just took initial steps to get to where they wanted to go, that it was going to be worth it for them.

I encourage you to make commitments.

I encourage you to take action.

I encourage you to seek something much greater than yourself. If you're reading this right now, and you're thinking this, all sounds great, but I still don't know how or what I'm looking for.

Take action. Try anything and everything you can to figure it out.

Don't pressure yourself to feel like you have to have the right answer now.

Put yourself out there. The answer will be revealed to you from your activity.

Action creates clarity.