What Others Say

“Mike Liguori tells with great honesty about why people go to war, and with the same honesty he tells what it’s like to come back from war.” —Gerald Nicosia, National Book Award Winner, author of HOME TO WAR: A HISTORY OF THE VIETNAM VETERANS’ MOVEMENT
“Absolutely captivating! Mike’s vulnerable story of healing his relationship with his dad is going to inspire so many to not only deepen their relationships with their parents, but with themselves.”
“The Road Ahead and Miles Behind is a must-read for people searching for ways to communicate with their parents. It teaches us that there is always room in your heart for forgiveness, which sets us free from harboring resentment. The story has emotion and humor- a gutsy look at a son/father relationship.”
“The Sandbox: Stories of Human Spirit and War, written by Mike Liguori, is an outstanding chronicle of his attempts to fight the war in Iraq and on the home front, after being discharged from the Marines.” —
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