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Make impactful and lasting change to take your business and life to the next level.

Private Coaching

Get all access to me as I guide you through your unique life from start to finish over 12 transformative weeks. We uncover your personal blind spots and subconscious blocks and create a customized plan to transcend them and create balance in your work and personal life We will cover your life holistically through a 12 week program.

Become the Author of Your Life is a powerful program that creates powerful narratives in your life to create a life you desire to live by your design. This exact program helped me in my journey of healing my tumultuous relationship with my father after almost 30 years, create more wealth and abundance in all areas of my life, land a book deal, improve my physical appearance and deepen my connection with my faith.

Course Structure:

There are many reasons why I was able to completely change my life but I believe the biggest reason was the ability to script out on paper utilizing the key authoring principles I discovered in the last 18 months.
It wasn’t too long ago that I was living a life of mediocrity with a deep yearning to want to live a more extraordinary life.
I had bouts of success but nothing that was truly fulfilling, nothing that made me feel this was the rocketship I wanted to get on.
I had an idea of what I wanted and sounded nice; a big house, beautiful wife and kids, money.
But there was no vision, no clarity at all of what it all looked liked for me.
I struggled with life because I wanted something so great, so much better than what I was living yet had no idea what it was.
That was until I went through my journals during the lockdown.
I won’t go into too much detail about this part of the story but what I found was captivating.
Over 10 years of on and off journaling, I found patterns of affirmations, plans, approaches, and creation of a man who had it all.
I found paragraphs that contained wants and desires that came to fruition; a book deal with a New York Publisher, a house, wealth.
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Course Structure

- Sales strategy and calls
- Brand building and engagement  Work
- Life Balance
- Strategy in Growing Your Business

  • Weekly 75 minutes over Zoom where we dive into the deep work, create weekly game plans, and review progress and goals.
  • Daily WhatsApp messaging to facilitate breakthroughs, answer questions
  • guide your work in between calls Weekly assignments to propel your progress forward Spots are limited to select entrepreneurs

3 Month Coaching Program

The program follows a personalized curriculum tailored to your needs and goals. The program is a partnership between Mike and you designed to help you find breakthroughs and experience massive transformation.

Here are some guidelines of the program

This program is designed for 12 weeks of consecutive coaching sessions. However, things do come up in life and clients do have the opportunity to customize their work with Mike due to circumstances.
Once the client commits to the program, Mike is committed to the partnership and facilitation of the client’s goals and intentions for the program.
Upon completion of the program, clients are welcome to continue on another consecutive term to refine what they’ve learned and dive into creating a life of empowerment, abundance, and freedom.
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